Privacy Policy

At, we collect:

First name and Last name
Email address
Your phone number
Browser information and the device you are viewing in the store

The way to navigate the store

We collect your personal information because it is critical to place orders and receive shipping.

We collect information about how your site works to make our website more user-friendly.

Our store works with foreign suppliers to help us offer the most courteous service. These providers also use the personal information you leave. We only pass on critical information to the product.

Payment services use your credit card number, first name, and last name to verify the payment process for the products
Our suppliers use your personal information to send you the appropriate package
Postal services use your first name, family and address to send you the product
Email services use your address to send you messages (if you subscribe to them)
If you continue to browse our site after reading a Privacy Policy, you must authorize us to use your personal information for the reasons mentioned above.

If you do not agree to these terms, please leave a site.

You can email us at and ask:

For a copy of your personal information
To delete personal data from the system
To make your claim (if you previously authorized your access to your data and then changed your decision)
We do our best to ensure your personal information is secure.

Thank you for your cooperation!